Hands up who loves UK subscription boxes!

When I was younger, I LOVED getting post.  I still do… however, it’s now mostly bills and other grown up stuff!  When something unexpected arrives in the post, I still get that thrill of wondering who it’s from and what it is before ripping open the packet and finding goodies inside!  Me and my friends would send each other sweets, mixtapes (yes, actual cassette tapes… feel old yet??), letters, art, photographs… all sorts of different things, and it was a joy.  Sending joyous things through the post has been lost a little in the digital/social media age.

So, as a lover of lovely things through the post, it seemed quite fitting that I would start a review site about getting lovely things through the post!  That’s what Lovely Little Box is all about; spreading some snail-mail love!

Our main focus is on UK subscription boxes, (as we’re a UK site!) but there’s plenty of room for international boxes too.  We have a free directory, and also offered a featured listing upgrade.  We love to review as many of the lovely UK subscription boxes as we can (and some international treats too!).  We’re also including discount codes and special offers on boxes, so be sure to check the listing of our featured boxes, and also on the discount code page (feel free to add your own if you find a good one you’d like to share!).  You can also leave reviews on our featured listings, and in the comments section on the posts; let the world know what you think about a box!  Love it, or disappointed?  Let us know!

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I hope you enjoy the site!

Becky x