Subscription Box Review | Boxcitement (December)

Decembers theme for Boxcitement is ‘Party Planner’.  It’s a box that’s all about organisation; whether you are going out, or staying in!  Let’s check it out…

What is it?
Boxcitement is a monthly subscription box that brings you an exclusive collection of quality stationery items, crafting and wrapping accessories and a range of stylish gifts.  All items are limited editions and are suitable for giving as gifts or keeping for yourself as a regular treat. Every box is based on a different theme and is aimed at surprising and delighting you.

Boxcitement work with UK manufacturers whenever possible, and everything in the boxes has been designed by them; so everything is a limited edition.

How does it work?
You can subscribe monthly or save money by purchasing upfront subscriptions for 3, 6 or 12 months. You can cancel anytime with no obligation. UK postage and packing is included.  You can also purchase one-off boxes if there’s something in particular that has taken your fancy.

What’s in the box?
Let’s take a look inside this months ‘Party Planner’ themed box…

A handy frosted pouch for life’s little essentials
A cute pocket mirror to make sure that party face stays perfect
A set of planner essentials to get everything in order
A stay in/go out flip disc – just in case you need help deciding
A cute earring and pendant set – so you can party with the stars!
A set of hair ties in a range of party colours
Four thank you cards with envelopes for some after-party politeness

Boxcitement December 2016

Where do I start??  This subscription box is always lovely to get because it just seems to keep going and going.  The contents are wrapped in tissue paper, and it’s lovely.  Each item is packaged separately, so you can enjoy the process of opening each thing and then deciding whether to keep them, or regift to someone special.

The little frosted pouch is a great size – it would be perfect for your make-up for an evening out, or a pencil case.  You can never have too many pocket mirrors!  I keep one in every bag so I always have one to hand, and this one is so cute!  In my bag it goes…

The tear-off planner is ace!  Planners are such an in-thing right now – I know plenty of bloggers/mums/students who like to keep track of everything that they have to do on any given week.  The wall calendar is great too if – like me – you’re always forgetting what day it is!

For when you just can’t make that decision… the stay in/go out flip disc will help!

The earring and pendant set is so unique – I haven’t seen a set like this before.  It comes in a gorgeous pouch, so it’s perfect to give as a gift too.

Hair ties; there’s another thing you can never have too many of.  Where do they all go?!  Another thing that’s being popped straight in my bag!

I love sending “thank you” cards.  We live in a digital world, but i’m most definitely a pen and paper kind of girl.  Great designs on these!


How much does it cost?
One-off box (£18), 3 month subscription (£17 per box), 6 month subscription (£16 per box), 12 month subscription (£15 per box).  They also create one-off boxes too; currently available is a Thank You box which was created for mums to give to teachers/childminders etc at the end of term.

And they do still have a few of the Party Planner boxes available, so snap them up quick!

How can I get it?
Visit and subscribe!

Did you get the December Boxcitement box?  What did you think?  Let us know in the comments below!

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