Meet Mrsk Club

We are thrilled to introduce to you Mrsk Club, a subscription box offering a monthly delivery of beautifully designed face coverings. 

Face masks might be a necessity, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty. That’s where Mrsk Club comes in. Mrsk Club is an innovative London-based company that uses designs from independent artists, illustrators, graphic designers and typographers, supporting these small creative businesses by offering design commissions. The result is infinite ways to express yourself with face coverings, via uniquely designed, limited edition face masks delivered through your door every month. 

Sounds good? Well, it gets better. When you subscribe, you receive a starter pack containing two premium masks for the price of one, alongside four Mrsk filters and a Welcome to the Club card featuring a carefully curated playlist, giving you the soundtrack to perfectly rock the Mrsk. Each subsequent box contains a mask, four replacement protective Mrsk filters, plus a newly curated playlist. 

Mrsks are triple layered for added protection and lined with Mrsk’s signature orange material, which disguises the appearance of any make-up residue or other marks. And the benefits don’t stop there – we all know that single-use face masks are compromising the health of our planet, with huge numbers of them washing up on our shores each day. Sadly, there is a real risk that soon there will be more masks than jellyfish in our oceans, and discarded masks are responsible for injuries to birds and other wildlife. Mrsk Club gives you the opportunity to support both ecology and fashion by supplying you with a rotation of reusable, washable face coverings; reducing pollution, swerving landfill and saving money, while giving you numerous opportunities to look incredible!

Delivery is free, and Mrsk Club boxes fit through your letterbox, so you don’t even have to be in when they are delivered. Oh, unless we’re in lockdown, obviously.  

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