Don’t Forget Your Furry Friends!

It’s easy to overlook our fluffy companions when it comes to monthly treats, or to assume that there would be no such thing as a subscription box for pets… 

But, you’re wrong! We’ve been researching and have put together a quick guide to a few of the boxes we found that should elicit a happy bark, miaow or hop from your fluffy friend! Here is our top five rundown of pet subscription boxes. 

Purr Boxes

This is for the feline in your life – a monthly cat box containing four or more products and presents for your cat, along with a month’s supply of cat grass and catnip, and all for £9.95! The purrfect way to keep your beloved cat or kitten entertained.

DogBox Boutique

From £25 a month, DogBox Boutique will send a boxful of exclusive surprises, including special treats at Easter and Christmas, making sure man’s best friend remains your best friend for life. Pawfect!

Bunny Box

Is a rabbit your companion of choice? If so, there’s no need for them to miss out on the subscription love – Bunny Box will have them hopping by the letterbox with excitement each month. Boxes contain between five and seven treats, including healthy hay toppers, nutritious treats and fun toys. Each box costs £16.

Wuf Wuf Box

Wuf Wuf is a box designed to bring joy to your best friend’s life. For £18.90 a month, a wonderful box filled to the brim with canine treats will drop on your doormat. Watch their little eyes light up as you unpack their monthly box of plush toys, treats, doggy care products and monthly Wufmag.

Protect my Pet

Never again forget your companion’s parasite treatment with this monthly subscription service. Protect my Pet’s beautifully packaged boxes are put together by a trusted veterinary team and delivered to your door each month. Products include brand-leading flea, tick and worm treatments, and prices start at just £6.49.  

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