A Warm Welcome to The Tights Club!

A drawer-full of laddered and hole-riddled tights is a sad sight, and having to choose between the pair with the uncomfortable hole in the toe and the pair with a ladder behind the knee is a choice that nobody should have to make. Thankfully, in steps The Tights Club; your sustainable alternative to tights-related disasters, with a choice of subscription packages designed to turn hosiery shopping into an absolute joy!

The Tights Club is the UK’s first sustainable tights subscription service, and was an idea thought up after years of frustration and compromising. The process is simple and easy: choose your tights (with options to have the same type all year round or different types according to the season, there’s a subscription for everyone!), set your frequency, then sit next to your letterbox and wait for the postie to bring your legs some awesome treats. For extra flexibility, you can pause, amend or cancel your subscription at any time, without any awkward phone calls. Never has there been a more convenient way to ensure a full complement of tights at any given time. 

Traditionally, tights are not at all environmentally friendly; they’re a disposable item made from nylon, a fabric that is made using oil in a manufacturing process that uses a lot of water and energy. The tights take over three decades to break down, meaning those tights you threw away in the 1990s probably still exist in landfill. 

 The Tights Club subscription box is delivered in plastic-free, environmentally friendly packaging that is fully recyclable. The tights are made from recycled materials – reducing landfill waste – and you can even send your (washed) tights back to them when you’re done and they will make sure they’re turned into something else, further reducing environmental impact. Still not sure? Order a The Tights Club sample to check out the product with no commitment!

We are thrilled to have The Tights Club on board, and hope you enjoy your subscription with them!

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