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What have you been doing during lockdown? If the answer isn’t ‘learning to mix cocktails,’ you’ve missed a trick! However, all is not lost and we are delighted to announce that Quarantine Cocktail Club has just joined us over at The Subscription box Directory. 

Whether you’re a newbie with a nightcap or a more experienced martini maker, Quarantine Cocktail Club can level you up to expert with their blind subscription packages. The first box costs £24.99 and includes ingredients and instructions for four servings of a double-measured premium cocktail, so you can invite a few friends to your back garden or balcony for some mixing magic (although nobody’s making you share so your secret is safe with us). Your introductory Cocktail Connoisseur box will also include a premium quality stainless steel jigger, and each subsequent box will include a high-quality piece of equipment for your ever-expanding cocktail bar.

Each month is based a different classic cocktail and you won’t know which it is until a week before, so you’ll have time to decide if you want to invite others to the party or keep this one just for you. Recipes are sourced from some of the best upmarket cocktail bars, so think more Glitter Royale than Blue Lagoon. Payment options are available; you can choose to pay seven months upfront, offering a £23 discount, and all subscription options give you a 10% discount off everything on the Quarantine Cocktail Club website.

With Quarantine Cocktail Club, not only will you learn how to make the cocktail, you can also geek out on the history and ingredients, impressing your friends and family as you spin your jigger in the air, a la Tom Cruise. Mix it up by signing up to Quarantine Cocktail Club today!

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