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Periods needn’t be filed as that dreaded ‘time of the month’; it’s time to move on, own our bodies and take the opportunity to pamper ourselves. This is where the newest members of The Subscription Box Directory come in — it’s time for a warm welcome to Blob Box: period pampers extraordinaire. 

Choose from the box that best suits your cycle — Light Blobber Box, Medium Blobber Box and Heavy Blobber Box. Once you have chosen your box type, you will be able to opt for either towels, tampons, or a mixture of the two. You can even choose your favourite towel and tampon brand to make sure you are getting the most comfortable products, and specify if you would rather applicator or no applicator tampons. Boxes range in price from £19.99 to £21.99 and, depending which you choose, you will get between 15 and 23 sanitary products, plus between 5 and 10 beauty treats, lifestyle goodies and delicious snacks. Goodies include items such as balm, decals, face masks, candles, chocolates and herbal tea. All Blob Box products are from trusted brands, so you can be sure you are getting nothing but high quality period products and lifestyle goodies. And if that isn’t enough, Blob Box will send you a special treat on your birthday and each subscription box will earn you Blobber points, which you can save up to use on Blob Box products. 

Blob Box is curated to ensure that you put yourself first by providing pick-me-ups, pamper items and the motivation to take care of yourself. So, pamper yourself; you deserve it. 

To get all the latest product news from Blob Box, you can follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and for a 15% discount off your first box, use code TSBD15 at checkout.

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