Top Five Christmas Subscription Boxes

Whether gifts to others or a treat for yourself, nothing hits that seasonal high quite as perfectly as a Christmas-themed subscription box. From art to biscuits, here’s our rundown of the boxes we’d like to see drop on the doormat this festive season.


Why not start with biscuits (because really, who doesn’t love them?).  Biscuiteers promises biscuit magic in the form of seasonal biscuit tins (the winter-themed box is adorable). Each delivery includes a hand-illustrated tin containing stunning iced biscuits with a three-month shelf life – but let’s face it: they’ll be devoured by the next day, right? Subscriptions start at £80 for three months and include free delivery. 

Life is nothing without biscuits:

Christmas Count

You can’t get much more festive than a box containing nothing but Christmas-themed goodies. Christmas Count promises Christmas decorations, wearables, seasonal scents, magical goodies, crafts, festive consumables and home and kitchen accessories, all for £24.99 a month. The best bit? It’s all-year round, endorsing celebrating Christmas until at least summer…

The lowdown on the countdown:

Beards and Daisies

Perhaps not Christmas-themed per se, but who doesn’t want a bit of greenery in their lives during those dark winter months? Bring the outside in with this £30 a month houseplant subscription, each containing a surprise plant in a beautiful ceramic pot. Each plant is guaranteed to be a minimum of 12cm in width. You could, if you wanted, send a plant as a gift (but not before you’ve filled your own windowsill with these beauties). 

Bring me plants:

My Christmas Crate

This US-based festive fancy offers international shipping, so there’s no reason to miss out on the goodies they have to offer. From $35.95 (roughly £31) a month, they’ll send you festive ornaments, holiday decor, craft items, jewellery and accessories, sweet treats, fun holiday finds and more. 

Festive me up:

Gadget Discovery Club

Ok, so not essentially Christmas-themed, but we all have a tech-lover in our family who runs their hands together with glee when gifted something with batteries, a USB port or a screen. This is for them. Wired describes The Gadget Discovery Club as ‘tech you didn’t know you needed’ and they’re not wrong; each box, priced from £71.50, contains up to four innovative gadgets that may well change your life, and are worth up to £100. Make your rellie’s home smarter, their future infinitely more epic, and their brains giddy with gadget glee with this exciting monthly delivery.

Gadget glee here:

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