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I’ve ordered from graze before… years ago.  I used to love getting the box through at work, and open it up and see what snacks were there!  It’s been a few years since I canceled my subscription, so I thought I would see what had changed with this snack subscription box…

What is it?
graze combine wholesome ingredients with flavours we all love to create hundreds of exciting snacks.  Well, the graze Repertoire has certainly grown!  Perfect for having delivered to your workplace to help you make healthier choices at that 11am / 4pm energy slump.  Posted to you in a letterbox-friendly box too!

How does it work?
You sign up online, and choose between a host of different boxes – you really are spoilt for choice!  You can choose from:

Variety boxmaximum variety and the best way to explore all the snacks graze has to offer (4 snacks, £3.99)
Dips & Dippers box – get dipping with the perfectly paired dips & dippers (4 snacks, £3.99)
Bakery Boxa box full of wholesome treats from the graze bakery (4 snacks, £3.99)
Jerky Boxlocally sourced beef & pork jerkies, each paired with a flavoursome dip (4 snacks, £4.99)
Chocolate Boxtreat yourself with inventive snacks balancing chocolate with wholesome ingredients (4 snacks, £3.99)
Flapjack Boxa range of unique rustic flapjacks, handmade to a family recipe (4 snacks, £3.99)
Light box – all of their lowest calorie snacks, each under 150 calories (4 snacks, £3.99)
Protein box – a selection of over 25 snacks, each a source of protein to fuel your busy life (4 snacks, £3.99)
Sugar Count Boxwith every snack under 10% of your reference intake of sugar, it’s easy to keep sugar under control (4 snacks, £3.99)
Pure Boxpure and nutrient dense snacks packing a nutritional punch (4 snacks, £3.99)
Savoury Boxexplore savoury snacks, inspired by tastes around the world (4 snacks, £3.99)
Sustain Box – get through your day with just their most substantial snacks, picked for their protein or fibre (4 snacks, £3.99)
Aromatic Broths Boxauthentic street food recipes you can enjoy anywhere (4 snacks, £3.99)
Popcorn Box 6 bags of popping corn under 130 calories, just waiting to be freshly popped (6 snacks, £5.99)

This was the first big change that I noticed; when I first subscribed to this box years ago, it was just the standard variety, so it’s good that they are now catering for different tastes and needs.  And over 100 snacks!  Wow.  I decided to choose the light box, and there were still plenty of options.  You can let them know what you like, and what you don’t like, and they will tailor your box to your tastes.  Sweet.

What’s in the box?
You get 4 snacks in this snack subscription box, each in nicely proportioned, sealed boxes.  In my order, I received:

BBQ Pistachios
Banana Cake with Afternoon Infusion 
Spicy Thai Sriracha Peas
White Chocolate with Wild Blueberry Toast

The Spicy Thai peas were a bit spicy for my taste, but still delicious.   The banana cake was moist and yummy – and the tea that came with it was a nice touch.

I think graze is a great box if you want to start experiencing new flavours of snacks, and you’re not fussy about trying new things.  I love the element of surprise that you get with subscription boxes, and graze is no exception; although you can tailor it to your taste, you can still get to try out new and tasty treats.  They won’t all be to your taste, but you can always let the graze team know on the website and they’ll make sure you don’t get it next time.  I do love a snack subscription box!

How much does it cost?
Prices range from £3.99 to £5.99 per box, depending on which variety you go for.

How can I get it?
Visit and subscribe!  Click here and you can get your 1st box free!

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