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We are thrilled to welcome Maman Gâteau to our directory!  The Monthly Maman Club is the 1st UK’s subscription service of handmade bandana bibs. Every month you will receive dribble bibs handcrafted with an African twist, made in the UK, direct to your door.

Your Monthly Maman Club box typically contains:

  • 2 funky award winning organic bamboo dribble bibs handmade with an African twist.
  • 1 Positive card to encourage you lovely mama
  • 1 special treat

All come beautifully presented wrapped in a convenient kraft gift box that allows your subscription to fit right through the letterbox (so handy!).  UK shipping is free!

The beautiful handcrafted encouragement card included is to remind every mama that they’re loved and doing a great job; especially in the blur of the first few weeks (I’ve been there!)

They are also extremely proud that a percentage of their Monthly Maman Club proceeds go directly to funding charities assisting mums suffering from post natal illnesses such as the APNI UK (Association for post natal illness) and PANDAS Foundation.  A very worthy cause, I’m sure you’ll agree!

“As a mother of 2, I have seen first-hand the power and benefits of physical closeness to both mother and baby. I just want mothers to know that no matter what they’re going through, they are loved and their story and voice matters. At the end of the day, these may be just dribble bibs and a card in a box but if mums can find hope to believe or smile and realise they’re not alone, it’s all worth it.” Cindy, Founder at Maman Gâteau.

Use code LOVELY50 as a new subscriber, and you will get 50% OFF your 1st box when buying the month to month plan!

You can sign up now on their website: www.mamangateau.com

Welcome to Lovely Little Box, Maman Gâteau!

Maman Gateau

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