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Daughters of the Phoenix is a premium subscription box for those who are seeking intuitive guidance through tarot card readings. Each month you’ll receive a link to submit your question to be answered in a personalized 2-card reading. Our themed box also includes the Card of the Month, crystals and a soy candle. In addition, there is an Information sheet suggesting ways to embrace the energy of the Card of the Month, details on the properties of the crystals and the link to submit your question for your personized 2-card reading.

Completed readings are delivered via email 3-5 days after your question is submitted.

Get insights into everyday events and situations as well as empowering guidance for navigating the journey of life. Discover what lessons have been learned and which are still to be mastered. Use the insights of a reading to help create the life you desire!

Box value will always exceed price of subscription.

8 oz soy candle – Custom handcrafted by The Triple Moon Co. for Daughters of the Phoenix with crystals and scents associated with the Card of the Month.

Each month the theme of the box will be associated with the energy of one of the 22 Major Arcana tarot cards.

3-4 crystals associated with the Card of the Month

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