An Alcohol Subscription Box? It’s Worth a Shot…

Never again will you experience that sinking it’s-Friday-night-but-I-have-no-beer feeling; the absolute joy of an alcohol subscription box is that the booze is delivered to your door. Avoid the 9pm dashes to the corner shop for wine, beer or cocktail ingredients; check out our rundown of some of the best alcohol subscription boxes on offer! 

Honest Brew 

Honest Brew gives you a choice of two boxes – mixed styles (pale, dark and lager), or IPAs and Pale Ales (handpicked for the hop lover), giving you some control over what’s in each month’s box. Choose from a box of 6, 9, or 12 bottles, with prices ranging from £22.90 to £36.90 per box. 

Bottle in a Box 

More of a spirits person? Bottle in a Box is the gift that keeps on giving… choose from gin, vodka, whisky or rum, and off you go! Each box contains a full-sized bottle of your chosen spirit, mixers, and some delicious artisan snacks. Opt for monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, with prices starting at £45 per month.

Beer Bods 

The original UK beer club, Beer Hawk is a competitively priced option, working out at just £3 per can including postage and packing. Get eight beers delivered to your door every two months for £24, with each beer coming complete with its own story. Your first box is just £10.


What’s better than having to go outside to a busy bar to drink cocktails? Drinking them in the comfort of your home, is what! Meet Muddlebox – a home cocktail tasting experience. Answer a quick quiz, choose how often you want your box delivered, and how many people you wish to make the cocktail for, and Muddlebox will do the rest. You’ll get everything you need for a delicious night in!  

Craft Gin Club 

The Craft Gin Club box promises great value for money, with contents worth more than the subscription cost. Boxes cost £40 each, and you can opt for a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly delivery, with each bringing you a full-size bottle of craft gin, tonics and garnish, Cocktail of the Month ingredients, sweet and savoury treats and a glossy magazine. Oh, and you get free delivery. Did someone say gin O’clock?

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