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Sometimes we all need a little kick to get going, especially when many of us have spent a huge amount of time stuck in our homes online shopping and snacking. Surely there’s nothing more motivating than a box full of healthy or mindful goodies landing on your doormat every month. Is it time to commit to looking after yourself; to entertain a holistically healthy lifestyle? If the answer is yes, read on! 

Lifebox Energy 

Are you on the hunt for a mouthwatering selection of healthy, energy-boosting snacks and supplements? If so, Lifebox Energy could be the box for you. Packed to the brim with food, drinks, ingredients and supplements, it contains goodies designed to be the perfect pick-me-up or post-workout boost. Prices start at £22.95.


Studifuel promises 10-12 premium sweet and savoury snacks, along with detoxing herbal teas, recipe cards and essential vitamins. Everything in the box is vegan or vegetarian, designed to reduce fatigue and give your immune system a well-needed boost. Prices start at £14.95.

The Ki Retreat Box 

Emotional wellbeing is as important as physical wellbeing, and the Ki Retreat Healing Box addresses this in its monthly subscription box. The box aims to make meditation and self-healing accessible to everyone by including items such as candles, crystals and meditation guides. Each box costs £30.

Smile Parcel 

And remaining on the theme of good emotional health, we’ve just discovered this treat! For £17 a month you get a subscription box containing 5-6 items guaranteed to make you smile. All items are sourced from small independent businesses within the UK, and include treats such as items for your home, inspirational gifts, decorations and, of course, an anxiety monster!  

Vivi Nation Cycling Box 

This is a great value box for the cycling enthusiast, filled with ten handpicked nutritional products from well-known brands. Boxes contain energy bars, recovery powders, hydration sachets, isotonic gels, protein powders and healthy snacks, and cost just £13 a month.  

See, you feel healthier already! 

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