Perfume That Makes a Splash

Even on days we choose to chill out in our hoodies or pyjamas, we like to smell good, which is why we are thrilled to welcome Perfume Splash into The Subscription Box Directory family. No more perfume fatigue; mix up your scents with Perfume Splash’s luxury perfume discovery service.

To make sure you receive scents that you will fall in love with, you have the option to take a scent quiz, which will perfectly match you to the collection most suited to your personality. Opt for a collection in either Women, Men or Unisex, answer a few simple questions and, voila, it’s a match!

Alternatively, you have the option to manually choose from Perfume Splash’s six collections, which cover all scent personalities, including Amber, Chypre, Drupe, Floral, Fresh and Fruity. 

Once you have chosen your collection, you can then choose from subscription options, which start at just £11.99 a month. Then just sit and wait for your first box to drop on your doormat — and what a box it is! Every 30 days you will receive a beautifully curated box containing a surprise perfume from the collection of your choice. Perfume Splash products are authentic designer perfumes from worldwide houses, including Calvin Klein, Dior and Gucci, and the Perfume Splash catalogue includes more than 500 scents from 13 collections. Each perfume vial holds 200 sprays, which is enough to last you the 30 days until your next delivery. Fancy mixing it up a bit more? You can opt for a different scent collection at any time, so flit from Fruity to Floral as often as you like!

What are you waiting for? Join Perfume Splash today and build the scent wardrobe of your dreams!

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