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Sweets in the post?  Count me in!  Let’s find out what the Mr Big Tops sweet subscription box has to offer…

What is it?
Mr Big Tops
is a subscription service with a delicious difference; cute little boxes that pack a big flavour punch. Stuffed full with nostalgia, the vintage virtual sweet emporium is choca-block with retro cool candy and old fashioned treats.  There are over 60 sweets to choose from, all carefully picked by the Mr Big Tops taste gurus and traditional sweet experts.  Each bundle of pick and mix deliciousness wings its way through the post in a cute sweet box; the box has push and peel lids so each corner can be opened like an advent calendar to reveal its lip smacking treasures.

How does it work?
You sign up online, and select which subscription you’d like to go for.  Then, you choose your sweets.  There is such a huge selection on the website, so if there’s a particular sweet you love (or hate!) you can make sure that the box is tailored to your taste.

What’s in the box?
When I ordered my box, I decided to leave it up to fate as to what sweets I would get; I selected all of them!  There aren’t really any sweets I don’t like (I like everything from aniseed twists to sweet peanuts, and everything in between!)

A few days later, I had my box.  It’s letterbox size, so fits nicely through your postbox.  The packaging us really nice, and made me feel all giddy and excited like a child!

You can open each flap one at at a time.  I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of sweets I got in the box; I thought that because there were only 4 flaps to open, there would only be 4 bags of sweets.  Not so!  In my box I got:

Apple Bon Bons

Chocolate Peanuts
Jelly Beans
Teddy Bears
Watermelon Slices

Wham Bar

So plenty to get my teeth into!  The bags are just right for 1 person (or share if you must!).  We devoured all of the sweets within 2 days. 🙂

Mr Big Tops also do personalised gifts, and birthday boxes, so it’s a wonderfully cost effective way to send someone a lovely treat.  So you could sign yourself up for a sweet subscription box and a send a friend a treat too!

How much does it cost?
You can get a sweet subscription box twice a week (3.99 per box), once a week (£4.25 per box), once a fortnight (£4.99 per box) or once a month (£5.49 per box).  As you can see, the more frequent your subscription is, the cheaper it is per box.

How can I get it?
Visit and subscribe!  Use code GIVEAWAY and you can get your 1st box for just £1 when purchasing the once a fortnight box

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