Featured listing | MicroBarBox

We’re very happy indeed to introduce our latest featured listing; MicroBarBox.

So who are MicroBarBox?  They spread joy with subscription & gift boxes containing gin, cocktails, alcoholic drinks & snacks, so you can get that Friday feeling any time!

MicroBarBox has two monthly tasting clubs; the original Cocktail Tasting Club is a bar in a box, a monthly present to yourself that is full of cocktails and edible treats, beautifully packaged, a joy to unwrap, fun to explore, different each time, and always full of surprises.

The Gin Tasting Club is a chance to try new, high-quality, artisan and craft gins from distilleries all over the world, beautifully packaged in their own individual 50ml bottles, and they include tonics to mix them with.  Being a bit of a gin fiend myself, this is music to my ears…!

Not only do they do subscriptions, but they also do gift boxes that are full of alcoholic delights!  Wine, rum, whisky, vodka, Prosecco, Tequila; they’re all covered here.  They are some well-known brands here too – as well as some super-special ones – so you know that you’re getting quality with every drop.  Brands like Lanson, Glenfiddich, Hendricks, Jose Cuervo, Absolut and Disaronno (and many many more).

And there’s a really rather awesome special offer on at the moment too; if you sign up to the Cocktail Club in June you get your first box for only £15!  You can sign up here.


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