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We’re very happy indeed to introduce our latest featured listing; JustUsBox

So what is the JustUsBox?  The brain-child of 2 working Mums, who realised that their relationships were ending up at the bottom of the to do list.  Even when the working day was over, the housework was done, the cats fed and the kids were in bed, the laptops, phone, tablets and TV were always on!  So they decided to do something about it, and JustUsBox was born!

This date night subscription box is so that busy parents, working justus_fb_logocouples and time-strapped lovers are able to put aside just one night per month to dedicate to each other and re-connect.  With a monthly box delivered to your door all you need to do is book a date in your calendar, open your box and enjoy some love, laughs and lust – just us!

Subscribers will receive a monthly box containing everything needed for an amazing date night – without Facebook or Sky Plus – we promise you, it is possible!

Each box contains…

– 4-6 themed handpicked items
– A date plan
– Activities
– Love, laugh & lust challenges

Choose from 1, 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions or buy our smaller trial box from £18. Great to give as an anniversary, wedding or birthday gift too, what could be better than the gift of romance!

Happy Dating!

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