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The date night in a box!  The JustUsBox encourages you to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

What is it?
JustUsBox are on a mission to help you disconnect from your screens and re-connect with your partner with a monthly date night subscription box so you can spend some quality time together… just us!

How does it work?
Subscribers will receive a monthly box containing everything needed for an amazing date night – without Facebook or Sky Plus. I promise you, it is possible!  Sign up and your date night box will be sent out to you in the middle of that month.

What’s in the box?

Picnic blanket
Star Gazing challenges
Star Jar – write a note and fill this jar to tell your love how lucky you are
Mini torch
2x tea light candles (presume these are citronella to stop the bugs!)
Passion Pouch (glow in the dark body paint, UV lipstick & UV light)
2x packets of Haribo sweets
2x sachets of Aero Hot Chocolate
Kepler Telescope
Konus Telescope


This is a big box.  It’s one of the largest subscription boxes that I have reviewed, and it’s absolutely jam packed.  Open up the box, and it’s wrapped nicely in black tissue paper which is covered in glow in the dark stars.

This box is not just about the stuff that you actually get in it.  It’s about the activities and fun stuff that you get encouraged to do too.  A lot of thought has gone into this box, and it all ties together so nicely.  I love the activities, and the fact that it lists the different stargazing apps (I actually already have a couple of these on my phone as I do love stargazing) and contellations to look out for.

In your Stargazing challenges, you have tasks based on the 3 themes of love, laugh and lust!  The Star Jar is part of the challenges; you write a cute little notes based on what the challenge says, and pop it in the jar.  How cute?!

My first thought when I saw the conversation starters was “why do we need those??  I know my husband!”.  But reading the questions, I realised that I didn’t actually know the answer to any of them, and I was curious as to what my husbands answers would be!

You get an actual telescope in this box.  The Konus Handy18 is included in the box, and it looks like a seriously awesome bit of kit.  Great for doing the actual stargazing bit of your date night.  And you don’t even have to fight over it because there is a Kepler telescope for you to make too!  Teamwork required for this one!

A lot of things in this box are reusable, and you will use them time and again.  Once you have had your stargazing date night, the blanket and flask are perfect to be used again for days out (or more dates out!).  You get 2 sachets of yummy hot chocolate and 2 packets of sweets too.

The torch is very powerful for such a little thing!  Perfect for guiding your way when you’re out in your garden/camping for your date night!  The citronella tea light candles will help to keep the bugs away when you’re outside enjoying your date!

The Passion Pouch is such a fun idea; who doesn’t want to write things on their partner in the dark and then use a UV light to read them? 😉

There’s lots of fun to be had with this box; being encouraged to have fun and reconnect with each other.

Next months theme is Indian Summer…!  Visit the website for a little peek.

How much does it cost?
A smaller trial box is just £18.  1 month is £30, 3 month subscription is £87, 6 month subscription is £162, 12 month subscription is £300.  Each subscription is payable in advance, and the longer the subscription, the cheaper the per month cost is.

How can I get it?
Click here to subscribe!  Use DATE10 and get 10% off your first box!

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