Subscription Box Review | Little bit Lavish

What is it?
Little bit Lavish is a brand new subscription service for women.  Each item is carefully chosen for you to enjoy; they believe that all women deserve some time for themselves.  Whether it be a long soak in the tub, a five minute face mask or something as simple as applying a lip balm!  Their box of goodies have a different theme each month, with the majority of our products being full size.

How does it work?
Subscribe online, and you will be sent a surprise box each month!  You can’t choose what’s in the box (but that’s half the fun of subscription boxes, right??)  You will receive beauty, skincare and maybe makeup too.  1 of the items will be a lifestyle item and 1 will be edible or drinkable.

What’s in the box?
Each month has a new theme – the theme of this box Sweet Dreams.  It’s full of gorgeous treats to help you unwind and get a great nights sleep.

Bloomtown Botanicals Rose Garden bath salts
Tisserand Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist
Kiss the Moon Dream Balm
Siskyn Skincare Oil – Frankinsense and Jasmin Night Oil
Clipper Snore and Peace Tea
Jasmine Silk Eye Mask

The box is beautifully presented; I love the purple!  These products all feel very luxe, and so you feel like you’re getting a real treat.

The Bloomtown Botanicals Rose Garden bath salts are in a lovely glass bottle, which makes it feel like a luxury item.  It’s a gorgeous modern rose balanced with not-too-sweet white florals.

The smell of the Tisserand Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist is so calming and relaxing.  Lavender, sandalwood and jasmine work so well together – this is a great infusion.  Even my husband liked it!

You use the Kiss the Moon Dream Balm by applying to your wrists and temples to help you switch off and relax at bedtime.  A great ritual to add to your nighttime routine!  The smell is gorgeous – it’s a 100% natural blend of shea butter and soothing essential oils.

Now this next product is really luxurious.  After using the Siskyn Skincare Oil, my skin felt like I had had a proper facial.  I don’t really use facial oils too often, but when I do I find myself really giving my face a good massage!  I suppose that is the point. 🙂

The Clipper Snore and Peace Tea is an organic chamomile, lemon balm and lavender infusion.  There’s a great balance of the floral taste of chamomile and lavender, with the lemon balm.

I’m not a huge fan of eye masks – I’ve never been able to sleep with them on.  But some people I know absolutely swear by them, so the Jasmine Silk Eye Mask is great!

How can I get it?
Visit and subscribe!  Receive a box free, when you sign up for a 1 year subscription!

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