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With the steady demise of DVD and Blu-ray in favour of streaming services, it can be tricky finding a gift suitable for the movie buff in your life, but we reckon we’ve got you covered with these excellent offerings – from merchandise to T-shirts, and even a DVD or two; there’s something for everyone! Read on to find out more. 

Film Box 

This beautiful box contains art cinema DVDs and Blu-Rays, focusing on the Criterion collection of movies. Each box contains a film from the collection, along with inserts containing detailed information about the film, and an exclusive post-film discussion. Boxes are $49.95, with an extra fee if shipping to the UK. 


GeekGear Wizardry Box 

This is one for Harry Potter fans! Add a little extra magic to your life with this delightful box, packed full of licensed and exclusive Harry Potter merchandise, such as T-shirts, pens and prints. Boxes cost from £21.99 and are billed on a monthly, three-monthly, six-monthly or annual basis.  

DVD Locker 

Remember the good old DVD? DVD Locker does, and it wants you to keep it alive by subscribing to its monthly DVD and Blu-Ray movie subscription box. Movies are selected for you by experts, you get unlimited swaps, no contracts, and films on your doormat every month. Plans start at £5.99 a month. 



ZBOX is a monthly themed box from Zavvi. Boxes are filled to the brim with film, TV and gaming memorabilia, including franchises such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Prices start at £16.99, and each box includes an exclusive T-shirt along with 4-7 other products, with a guaranteed value of over £35. 


My Geek Box 

My Geek Box is a subscription box containing quirky and geeky collectibles and gifts, alongside a cool limited-edition fandom t-shirt. Previous boxes have included items such as a build-your-own Batmobile, Captain America baseball cap, and Marvel wallet. My Geek Box guarantees between 4-7 hand-picked items per box, and prices start from £19.99. 


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